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Allbirds Goes All-in on China

The footwear company is betting on Chinese consumers’ preference for sustainability and ath-leisure, opening four stores across the country.

Allbirds is hoping its sustainability message will play well in China, where it is opening four stores, including this unit.

SHANGHAI  Allbirds opened its first China store in Shanghai last week, in tandem with its launch on Tmall and the unveiling of its dedicated Chinese web site. The direct-to-consumer footwear company is making a big play in China, taking a multichannel approach; investing heavily in retail space, and having a team of 25 employees in its Shanghai headquarters.

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Galeries Lafayette’s Billion Euro China Plan

The department store operator has plans to operate 10 stores in China and reach 1 billion euros in the market by 2025.

Galeries Lafayette's Shanghai store.

SHANGHAI — Galeries Lafayette believes its China operations can become a 1 billion euro business and the French retailer aims to have 10 stores across the nation by 2025, including a new store here that soft opened Saturday and a Beijing unit.

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Why “Drop” Retail Is the Future of Luxury Sales in China

Once the hallmark of streetwear labels, luxury brands are starting to see the merits of product drops to fuel excitement in the country.

Why “Drop” Retail Is the Future of Luxury Sales in China
Dropping limited edition product lines to build hype around a brand is nothing new for streetwear labels around the world, but this sales model is now gaining traction with luxury brands in China. Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Balenciaga are just some of the luxury brands employing the product drop retail model in the country. These brands have realised that by creating a sense of urgency and scarcity, through both online and offline product drops, it creates a buzz amongst tech savvy, millennial Chinese consumers and helps drive e-commerce sales in the country.

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