A Luxury Health Resort In The Philippines: The Farm At San Benito, “Just relax. All Is Well…” 

It is well known that this busy city we call home is, at times, not the healthiest of environments in which to live. From a hectic work/life balance, an extensive party scene and poor air quality, I personally, often let my health and wellbeing take a back seat to other priorities. From late nights to stressful deadlines, and a busy social schedule, my body was screaming out for a detox, and luckily for me, it came in the form of an email inviting me to experience The Farm at San Benito.

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Healthier Living In Shanghai

After reading our cover story, and deciding that this city’s tempting pros out-way the cons of potential future health risks, you may want to put in place a few healthy and positive changes to your lifestyle. For many expats living in Shanghai, life revolves around dinners out, ‘business’ drinks and the more than occasional champagne brunch. There are many positive ways to improve our quality of living enabling us to lead a healthy, long life in the city, and Talk has rounded up a few of our favourites.

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Michael Jackson: THE IMMORTAL World Tour Hits Shanghai

The production arrives in Shanghai on the 16th of this month and will run until 18th August. The show combines ever-infamous Michael Jackson’s music and choreography with Cirque du Soleil’s unique entertainment and circus themed style to create a world tour that has been doing the rounds for the past two years. It is now China’s, and more specifically, Shanghai’s turn to “face the music”. But is China really ready for Jackson mania?

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Shanghai’s Essential Summer Reading List

Summer is here and that means that many of us will be migrating out of the city on our long voyages home. There is nothing worse than having that sinking feeling halfway through a long haul flight, when batteries are flashing red on portable devices, you have already got through the in-flight entertainment menu and the next round of food won’t be making its way to you for at least another hour.

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Should We Impose A ‘Fat Tax’ On Junk Food?


In the UK, one in four adults is classified as obese and one child in three is already obese or overweight before they finish primary school. We know that Britain is the fattest country in Europe but will a tax on unhealthy foods, specifically soft drinks, really make a difference and change obese peoples’ mindsets? I think not.

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Will Prince Harry Ever Marry A Black Girl?


Prince Harry looks like a fun chap doesn’t he? He is always breaking those pesky social norms adhered to by other, more serious, royals. Would you ever see dear old Prince Charles in his birthday suit taking part in a naked game of pool or Wills entering rehab after drinking and smoking marijuana? No. And that’s because Harry likes to mix things up.

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